IoW markers wind, tide and temperature


Map of the Solent showing navigation and racing markers.

Tide, wind and temperature indicators provide live data for the region.



Mean wind speed and direction are shown from f3 to f10 as a sequence of bright white LEDs. A dim LED indicates the wind gust.


From 2 to 30 degrees celcius on the outer ring of the wind indicator. This may mask f10 winds in certain direction and temperature combinations.

Tide Indicator

Hours to next high or low tide event. Tide times are taken for Portsmouth Harbour.

Navigation Markers

Red and green navigation markers included. The 4 yellow carrier lights are illuminated occasionally. We do not have an automated feed for carrier lights at this time.

The Needles lighthouse will flash indicating it is receiving data from the server.

Racing Markers

Yellow racing markers are illuminated randomly. Specific races can be replayed illuminating the markers in race order. Please feel free to request specific races and they can be added to the sequence of animations.

Offline Mode

The map will show a sequence of animations when not connected to the internet. It will periodically attempt to re-establish a connection to the internet.

Wind and tide data are not available when in offline mode.

Tide Animation

Periodically the ingress and egress of the tide will be shown as an animation through a ‘wave’ of light through the markers.

Automatic Updates

On start-up the unit will verify it is running the latest version of the software. If the next version is available the unit will download, install and restart using the newer version.

Future Updates

The wind indicator behaviour will be enhanced to provide a forecast od wind direction and speed.

Additional information

Dimensions 250 × 200 × 30 mm
Frame Size

377×301, 326×275, 470×350